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Inspirational Writer.


The idea for this website came to me following the death of my husband in February of 2005. I was faced with so many new changes all at once as a single parent of our two daughters and these new challenges sparked the idea for this website and the concept behind Sow Your Destiny.

I realized that everything in my life was forever changed and although the future was unknown to me, I could begin the process of shaping my own future with each step I chose to take TODAY. It is my desire to share this journey and process with you for it is a continual work in progress.

Everything we do TODAY, determines what happens for us tomorrow. Today, I am Sowing My Destiny and I invite you to join me!

~Samantha S Hall


Samantha S Hall has a medical background as a nurse since 1989 until 2005. Since then, she has worked on various projects for RichContent, including writing the tutorials and online user guides for the eXpertSystem creativity and brainstorming software program.

Currently, she is involved with ThoughtOffice, the next generation of eXpertSystem, as the Content and Customer Support representative. She also created the Help documentation for the ThoughtOffice software program and also wrote Introduction To ThoughtOffice; available as a pdf guide.

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